Our Pet Policy
We are delighted to welcome all the family to Donegal Estuary Holiday homes, including the furry ones! We have designated homes that are pet friendly so please do let us know prior to arrival if you are bringing your pet, and there will be an additional cleaning fee of 50euro added to your bill.

  • Only socially friendly pets welcome: to other humans and to other pets.
  • We do not allow dogs that are vicious; and/or that are excessive barkers (although we do understand that dogs bark from time to time); and/or that are ‘dangerous dogs’ as defined in the control of dogs acts.
  • Pets to bring own beds, bedding and towelling. Sofas and beds are strictly for human use only.
  • Owners are responsible for all pet mess, around the house as well as around the grounds of Donegal Estuary Holiday Home.
  • Pets cannot to be left by themselves under any circumstances. Inside or outside the house.
  • Owners are responsible for all damage caused by pets, either by teeth, claws, bad potty training or territorial markings.
  • Maximum two pets per home.
  • Pets are not allowed to do any gardening, replanting or composting.
  • The pet should be exercised regularly outdoor, and be in full control of the owner.
  • All pets to be kept on a lead when outdoors, within the boundaries of the property

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